My Favorite Artist In The ATL

I have always loved supporting locals as much as I can especially when it comes to people I have grown up with. I must say, I am beyond impressed by the fact that so many people I have crossed paths with in my life are doing big things and making waves in both our local communities AND on a national level. One woman in particular is an old classmate of mine named Lindsey McWhorter. She is a new Up and Coming artist and is already making a huge splash in the art world. 

As you can tell, Interiors is something I really enjoy as I believe your surroundings are something that should reflect your personality and inspire you daily. I have made many investments in creating such a space for myself and our family but one thing I had yet to invest in was original artwork in my home. I had purchased many copies and screen print canvas pieces but I knew it was time to elevate my surroundings and it was time to make the investment for some original pieces. Plus...let's be honest, copies and canvas prints are not always cheap either so why not buy an original am I right? I had started seeing Lindsey's artwork on Facebook that she had been making for her own home as well as for some of her closest friends and was immediately impressed with her work. I knew this was an artist who was going to make it big and sure enough it has already begun. I contacted her and she was able to make me a custom piece that met my vision and I was blown away at how amazing it turned out. Pictures do not do justice for all of the different textures and dimensions the painting had. I instantly knew I needed another one for my office and in true "Sarah Gosnell" nature, my one piece turned into four. Below are some pictures of the pieces I have hanging up in my home. You can contact her via Facebook and Instagram. Her website is currently under construction. Large original pieces are around $2,000 per piece and due to high volume of requests, she is now able to start making prints of original pieces ranging from $600-$1,000. Mention my name (Sarah Gosnell or Going Gosnell) to receive $100 of your order.

As always, let me know if you have any questions at all.

Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo