One Of My Favorite Looks & How I Put It Together

Thank the Lord, the snow has finally melted and the temperatures are beginning to warm up a little. This has been another one of my favorite looks this season. I love it because I can wear it both during the day and night. I mean...who says you can't rock a mini skirt and leather jacket with knee highs to the grocery store? Not this girl! You can also wear it out to have drinks with your girlfriends or for date night.

One of my favorite things to pair with a skirt is a bodysuit. I am loving everything about bodysuits right now because I like my torso area to look smooth and not lumpy. (My fellow moms know what I'm talking about). I feel like a good bodysuit can do that and kind of "holds it all in".  Also, it gives a tucked in look without all of that bunched up fabric above your butt. Yikes! I wear them with Jeans, Overalls, you name it.

I got my leather Jacket from Urban Outfitters. I really like this store a lot. Things are pretty reasonably priced and good quality. It's also one my daughters favorite stores and we each love how everything there has more of a street style and edge. When we find a store we all three can shop at, it's a win win in our house. This jacket is definitely a statement piece (I'm obsessed with the detail!) and you can dress it up with anything. It's perfectly acceptable to wear with Jeans, T-shirt and flats or cute sneakers.

My skirt is from Ivory Thread which is a new local boutique. What's even cooler is one of my girlfriends from High School owns it and I'm ALL about supporting and uplifting other women. I love A-line skirts a lot and she carries quite a few (which I own them all lol). SOMETIMES I am self conscious about my thighs so I like this style of skirts for that reason. My oldest daughter loves this store and already owns many pieces from there also. (I promise to post some kid stuff soon. I'm working on it.) 

Lastly, my boots were definitely a splurge. I bought them last year and was able to get them on sale at Saks. I definitely am a big believer in styling and mixing things in all price points. I feel like if you can invest in a couple of really high end statement pieces and mix them with really affordable fashion, people will assume your whole outfit is designer. Trust me on this. It's all how you put it together. You can find a lot of incredible luxury items on sale or even lightly used. The RealReal is a great website as well as Net-a-Porter. You can find BIG discounts on hot items. You just have to constantly keep your eye out on what sales they are having on which days.

You can shop my look below. If you have any questions about how to style any of these items with other looks, feel free to let me know. I am happy to help! 



Sarah xoxo