Super Bowl Snack Bar

We are exactly one week out from Super Bowl Sunday and I don't know about you guys but, I'm pumped! I was raised around football my whole life (mainly college football and cheering on the Dawgs) but as I became an adult, I have realized I am just more of an NFL girl. My son just started playing football last year also so it has become our family's favorite sport. The Atlanta Falcons are our favorite team but Jax's favorite player is O'delle Beckham (New York Giants).  Anyways...this year for the Super Bowl our family is going to root for the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm pretty sure the entire City of Atlanta is still salty about last years Super Bowl so we would LOVE to see the Patriots lose. Kind of petty I know, but it is what it is. Hopefully next year our team will make it to the Super Bowl again and we can play at home in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. That would be freaking amazing!

We normally host a Super Bowl Party at our house every year but this year we will be going to our friends house as they are HUGE Philly fans. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of excited I get to have a year off from it this year and someone else is hosting. LOL Sorry Chrissy. But, I still wanted to share with you guys a little Snack Bar Inspo for those of you who are hosting. I try not get too out of control with these types of parties because I know it can easily begin to look tacky so I wanted to keep it minimal. We usually have a "snack bar" set up for the kids. This is so they can easily serve themselves and it's all kid friendly things to eat (aka, stuff that won't stain my furniture.) You can shop some of my entertaining pieces below! PS- my dining chairs you see below are 40% off. In fact, Arhaus is having a huge storewide sale so you need to head over to their website ASAP!

I wish I was closing this with "Rise Up" but I guess this year I have to say "Fly Eagles Fly". As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions on anything.


Sarah xoxo