Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Part 2

Waddup Ya'll! Ok Ok, I'm sure you're SO over hearing about all of the different sales going on right now, especially the Nordstrom one but hey...a good deal is a good deal and I GOTTA share it with you. Last week I shared my favorite items and some of what I purchased for me but I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite picks for my hubby and kids also. You can check all of those out below. (for my non shopper readers...don't worry, I have some good things coming up for you!)


As you can see...Steve loves to wear just a basic tee and jeans a lot. I would also say black and neutral colors are his favorite. 


It's really fun shopping for Gabi because in a lot of ways, it's almost like shopping for me too! Hahaha. It's fun that we can both share things together. :)


Sometimes it is tough to shop for Camryn right now because she is not really into a lot of the kid section anymore but also isn't quite ready for the women's section. (Those Middle School years I tell ya...) so luckily I was able to find some things she loves!


Luckily...boys are a little bit easier to shop for. Jax loves a good Tshirt with some comfortable yet stylish tennis shoes and that's about all he cares about. These were his favorite picks.

I hope you guys enjoy shopping this sale and as always, let me know if you have any questions at all. 

Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo