These skirts are TUTU cute! (Geez, I’m a Nerd)

Who remembers being a little girl and LOVING to play dress up in Tutus and pretty princess outfits? I sure as hell did! Let’s face it, any time I can wear a Tutu, I’m ready. Who doesn’t love to be extra?!?! Well, when I came across this company Tutu Moi, I got SO excited! They make Tutu skirts that are actually acceptable for us adults to wear out because they do not look like a costume piece. They are very chic and fashionable. They come in different styles and colors. Here are the two that I am wearing.


What I like even better about this company is they make skirts for younger girls as well which is always fun when you’re a mom. My girls are no longer babies or toddlers so it’s hard to ever find items they can wear that will coordinate with mine so when I saw they also carried tween skirts, I was over the moon. This one is my younger daughters favorite!

Luckily my older daughter can wear the womens sizes. When you go to their website, make sure to enter my Promo Code: GoingGosnell15 and you will receive 15% off your ENTIRE purchase! 

Ciao Ya'll!
Sarah xoxo