My favorite new Hairdryer (A Husbands Review)

Hey guys! I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow convinced Steve to do a guest blog post on one of my Christmas gifts. After listening to him go on and on about it, I KNEW it would make you all laugh a little. But hey, sometimes a mans input on a beauty product can be interesting I thought so here it goes.

A bald guy writing a review on a hairdryer.  Here’s 5 minutes none of us are ever getting back……

The days leading up to Christmas can be pretty stressful for the attached Male. If your anything like me, you (or someone with more time on their hands) simply buys the love of their life what they ask for.  Anything else usually turns out to be disastrous.

This year however things were easier.  I was elated when my wife provided me with a well though out list (via text), complete with pictures and other such necessary specifics that allows me to cut and paste.  I was even more excited to see that none of her pictures included anything ridiculous like the crown jewels.  Scrolling down the list, I rubbed my chin and thought, “Hey..I can do this without even putting pants on. “ 

First thing on the list:  A hair dryer…no problem…let me just google that. (I can even spell Dyson without looking back at the text message.)  Pops right up and wow, look at all the fancy colors.  Who knew Dyson made sh** other than vacuum cleaners……Wait…$400 F***ing Dollars…for a hair dryer. Who the hell needs a $400 hairdryer?  There’s a damn Clarol one underneath it for $29.99.  My phone rang and I dismissed the thought.  There was still 5 days left for Christmas so plenty of time.

I circled back a couple of days later after striking out on a piece of jewelry she wanted that could only be found in Myanmar on leap year.  I checked out the video and after listening to that warming British voice tell me in a nutshell that this thing would knock an hour off my wife’s prep time, I clicked the check out button on “Best” and called it a win.

Best $400 I’ve spent in a long time.  Her hair dries almost as fast as mine and we might just be on time for dinner.  Still loud as hell though.  Why cant she shut the damn door!


Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo