The Perfect Snow Day Sweater

I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are but another snow day is upon us which means my kids are home from school…again. I’m beginning to wonder if there is enough booze in the metro Atlanta area for all of us Moms who are starting to lose our marbles. I mean, how many times can one “Rose’ All Day” and it still be acceptable? (asking for a friend)

Anyways, today I have decided I am going to actually take off my PJ's, put on a bra and attempt to look halfway decent. Even if I won’t be leaving the house and it’s just for my kids. I think it makes you feel better ya know? For days like this I love a big oversized sweater. Not only  are they perfect for hiding all the snow pounds I've put on from the extra wine and eating my kids snacks, but they’re also still cute and fashionable. You can rock it with a heel, over the knee boots or even house slippers. Either way, you will look fab!

Styling Hint: I like to tuck my big sweaters in a little just in the front so it doesn’t swallow me as it can be a lot of fabric. Here are some of my favorite oversized sweaters I have been wearing this year and they are all under $35!

Let me know if you have any questions at all. Until then…It looks like my kids school was canceled again tomorrow so I'm going to need a drink.


Sarah xoxo