No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn

As I mentioned yesterday, we have gotten some snow here in the ATL and you know what that means? The whole city shuts down. Snowmageddon is a real thing here folks. Don’t believe me? Google it. It still haunts us. One super positive thing I really enjoy with the unexpected down time is it allows our family extra time to hang out and get some projects done around the house that we tend to put off. One of those is finishing my sons room. We don’t have much left to do but the things I would like to finish I know will make a huge impact. 

My husband is from New York and we both have many friends and family members up there so it’s no surprise it is a very special place to us. We try to get up there a few times a year and usually one of those times, Steve and Jax do a father son trip together. He loves it. So needless to say…We went with a New York theme for his room. What I really like about it is I can still make it fun for a little boy, but it’s also not overly ‘kid-ish’ so I think he will think it's cool for awhile. Here is what we have completed so far. I would like to add some more books and cool things to his bookshelf and add an industrial light fixture to tie it all together. For his bookshelf, I purchased it at one of my favorite stores, Nadeau. It's a really great place to find really good quality furniture for an amazing price. They have them all over the US. You will begin to see that so much of my furniture is from there. I also used a large metal trash can that I purchased from Home Depot as his dirty laundry hamper. This was a creative way to match the theme and was extremely cheap. Plus, it hides all of his dirty clothes quite well so that's a win win for me! You can get them both here:


One of the coolest things about the Décor in here is the large wall decal of the Brooklyn Bridge behind the bed. We purchased it from RH Teen and it was pretty easy to install. My daughter helped me and we tackled it together. We also purchased his bedding and throw pillows from there as well. All of these items are currently on SALE!  ***Fun Restoration Hardware Fact: if you pay $100 a year, you can get a Restoration Hardware Membership and you automatically get 25% off all regular priced items and 20% off of all sale items. If you live near an RH outlet... they often have huge sales so you can get items at an outlet price, plus marked down PLUS the additional 20% off. To me that makes the annual $100 worth it. 


Lastly...I really wanted to share with you guys this wall shelf I found on PB teen. I just love that they are skateboards and they almost look like they're floating if you glance at them quickly. Jax really thought these were cool and wanted to showcase some things that are special to him. His baby picture is obviously my absolute favorite but he would say the Batman Helicopter was the winner. PBteen is currently sold out of this shelf so I have found a couple of other options for you that look extremely similar to this one in the picture. I even found a great DIY version for you as well!

I can 't wait to wrap things up in here and show you what all we decided to do. Hopefully you guys will like what we select. Are any of you working on any home projects? Especially in your kid's rooms? Tell me about it! I love hearing all of your ideas and what your goals are for decorating your homes. Let me know if you have any question Okay...I have stayed up waaayyy too late and I need to get some sleep. Until next time...


Sarah xoxo