Our Holiday Home Tour…Sarah Style!

Decorating for Christmas has always been something I have really enjoyed since I was a little girl. It was always the most important holiday of the year in my family so we always went all out. Each year I try and do something a little different and a little better than the year before so it keeps things interesting and challenging. One of my favorite things is having a theme for each tree in each area of the house. It’s fun hearing which one is our family or friends favorite. Here are some of my favorite spots in the house at Christmas time!

Foyer and Dining Room

I chose to go with a Winter Wonderland theme for these to rooms. Between the snow like elements, glass ornaments and touches of mirrored items mixed with silver, I think the look came together beautifully!

Formal Living Room

For this room I chose to go with a neutral color pallete with pops of glitz and glam. To make sure under the tree did not look bare, I tore the covers off of old books and tied thin rope around them to imitate packages.  

Family Room

I usually choose Reds and warmer colors in this room as this room is where our family spends the most time together.

What are some of your favorite decorating traditions at Christmas time? Are there any new ones you’re wanting to try next year?

Ciao Ya'll!
Sarah xoxo