Our Halloween / Fall Decor...Inside

Happy Friday my boos! I hope you had an awesome week. Atlanta FINALLY feels like Fall. Thank you sweet baby JEE-ZUS! Today I am sharing with you some of the main rooms of the house where I decorate for Fall and Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love all things silly and spooky. I’m kind of a big dork if you haven’t figured that out yet. It’s fun to get dressed up and eat candy too! I know I kind of tend to talk a lot or just say too much so for this post, I’m not going to say too much…it’s mainly going to be pictures to hopefully inspire you, give you ideas or some ideas of where to shop. Halloween isn’t too far out so I probably should have posted this sooner but better late than never right? Hahaha. I have broken it down to each room so it will be easy to navigate for you.


I didn’t want to go to crazy but I love our long staircase and these spiders I got made it very easy to incorporate them and wrap around my banisters.

Dining Room

I really wanted to make this a little spooky but also keep it classy. I tried to stick with the Spider trend to tie the foyer and dining room together. When ever I am setting up a tablescape, I also always like to make sure I have incorporated different elements and layers as well.

Formal Living Room

This room I wanted to keep a little more basic and elegant.


I wanted this style to be a little more on the rustic side and kept with more of the orange and black theme.

Family Room

I also wanted this room to have more of a rustic Halloween theme which is what helped me decided on the Buffalo Check Throw Pillows

That was sort of a lot of pictures…I know. But I hope you enjoyed them and my decor got you excited for Halloween coming up. I have linked most of the items you see pictured to make it easier for you to shop the post. If you have any questions, as always just let me know. I am always here to help. :) Stay tuned as I will be posting my outdoor Halloween decor and my inspiration behind that. For those of you who follow me on Instagram…You already have an idea of this story. It’s a funny one. Also, I will be doing a live this weekend with a little home tour of our downstairs as well so you can ask me any questions you may have in real time! I will announce that time on my story either tonight or tomorrow so also stay tuned for that too. Until next time….

Ciao Ya’ll!

Sarah xoxo