Our Outdoor Halloween Decor and The Nosy Neighbor !

Who else is a HUGE fan of Halloween? I know it can’t just be me. We don’t live in a neighborhood so one of our favorite things to do every year on Halloween is go Trick or Treating in a neighborhood near us where a TON of our kids friends live. They have this one street that goes ALL out! I’m talking ghosts flying over the streets, ghosts being projected onto the houses, people dressing up in scary character to scare the kids, mini haunted houses, you name it. It’s so much fun! Needless to say, we are not the only ones in our community who love Halloween so much.

This year I really wasn’t planning on doing as much as I usually would outside because in my head I was like “Okay Okay, you’re a blogger now Sarah. Not everyone likes Halloween. Maybe you should keep things a little more Autumn and classy looking this year.” Thinking this way is very unlike me as I usually am the person that really doesn’t give a sh** and marches to the beat of her own drum (this is kind of an ongoing trend in our family hence ‘Going Gosnell’. LOL) but I started to fall into that ‘blogger mindset’. Well…all it took was one overly opinionated, uptight, probably hasn’t been laid in 10 years, “too big for her britches”, awful kind of woman to snap me out of it. Now listen, I normally wouldn’t even bring this up but she really pissed me off plus, I think there is an underlying issue so many of us (especially women) face all the time. People thinking they have a right to tell you how to live your life and in my case, how to decorate my house for Halloween. Oh HHHHEEEEELLLLLLL NO! So here it goes…

Long story short, as I was putting my spiders up on my gate, a lady (I named her Patsy) noticed I was outside of my gate and stopped to chat. Surely I was expecting a friendly conversation as most people who walk by are extremely nice so I greeted her with a smile and said hello. Almost immediately, ‘Patsy’ began to tell me how offensive my spiders were and how her and a bunch of her neighbors did not like my Halloween decorations I put up every year because they were evil. Ummmmm what? Yes! Spiders. (Welcome to the South / Bible Belt). Call the coven because there must be some evil going on in this house right? HAHA. She then had the nerve to say “You know a lot of people around here don’t celebrate much less like Halloween right?” as if that were my problem and proceeded to inform me my decorations were “not very nice”. Now, anyone who knows me would totally have expected me to GO OFF on her but in complete and utter shock I kind of just sat there with my jaw on the ground and I think by the time I was able to wrap my mind around what had happened the conversation was over. It took me a minute but then I realized “Holy cow, this lady just came for me and my house!” A few minutes later, in true Gosnell fashion… it was on like Donkey Kong. Knowing that they were already so offended by my small collection of arachnids, I needed to make sure I took it up a few notches for ‘Patsy’ and her friends on Tight Ass Ln. They needed to get more into the Halloween spirit, right? I know, I know…. #pettybetty. Like any Social Media addict, I took to my Instagram story to get some of your ideas and boy, were the responses HILARIOUS!

Some of the AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS recommendations I received from many of you consisted of…. a multitude of obnoxious inflatables, Tombstones with RIP Patsy / Nosy Neighbors on them, an Exorcism and possessed children to name a few. HAHAHA! My thoughts were “Lord have mercy, do NOT piss off one of my readers.” After getting together everyone’s ideas, I decided first thing that I HAD to add were more spiders and a few other fun elements. You can’t see it in the pictures but at night, it sounds like there is a thunderstorm with lightening bolts flashing onto the house. I also have some eerie orange lights that move shining on the ground along with some witches, a possessed girl, and skeleton heads that talk to you when you walk by. I think it all turned out really cute while being spooky all at the same time. A few days later while Camryn and I were adding some of these new decorations to the house, ‘Patsy’ walked by again, except this time she looked surprised and not happy. Of course she couldn’t help herself and she comes up to us and says “Sooooo, you’re adding even more spiders now?” as if I owed her some sort of explanation. My response to her…. “Well since you had so much to say about my house and how much my decorations offended you and your neighbors, I figured I would give you more to talk about. Have a lovely day”. Needless to say, she has yet to stop by my house again and the majority of other neighbors on my road have continued to let me know how much they enjoy them! Moral of the story… don’t be the asshole. Chances are, you’re just going to motivate the person you offended even more to do what bothers you. Just sayin’….

Ok, enough of that….here are some fun pics of what the outside looks like with our Halloween decorations and I have linked the majority of the items as well. Just keep scrolling. :)

Lastly….I LOVE getting feedback from you guys. It really does make my day reading your comments and having the opportunity to chat with you and connect better is what this is all about. What kind of Halloween decorations do you like to put up? Have you ever experienced an annoying neighbor or been shamed about something from a complete stranger? Tell me about it! Leave me a comment below or you can always email me too! Until next time…Let Your Freak Flag Fly and have a Happy Halloween!

Ciao Ya’ll!

Sarah xoxo