Gosnells Go Gangster

Ok, so I know I have shown you guys some of the rooms we mainly use in our house but we have quite a few rooms I have yet to show you at all. As I continue to dive into blogging more, I will start to share some decor ideas for other rooms in our house other than just our Family, Formal, and Dining Room spaces. I think you will start to see, decorating doesn't have to be such a crazy expensive thing and even more, it should be something that can be really fun and a way to express yourself and who you are within a living space. 

When shopping for our home, something we knew we MUST have in our new one was a basement. Our old house was really cool and Mediterranean looking but one of the biggest problems we faced (especially when you have 3 kids) was we needed a basement. Somewhere we could have people over, host out of town guests and more importantly, a place where our older kids could go hang out with their friends. When coming up with concepts and ideas, Steve (like most men) didn't really seem to have much of an opinion except he knew he wanted stained concrete flooring down there. I don't know about you guys but when thinking of concrete flooring my mind instantly thinks "industrial" and "Urban" interior. Since the rest of my house is decorated what I consider pretty traditional, I was excited to have a space I could get a little more daring and adventurous. That is the thing about basements...you can often take your decorating onto another level and really have fun with it. So I decided to go with a Prohibition Era / Speakeasy theme. Plus it also gives off Man Cave vibes. We both agreed this would be perfect because again, we love New York, my moms family experienced living in the city during this time period and being Italian we thought we might as well play into the whole "Hollywood" stereotype of it all right? It's all in good fun.

I still have so much to do down there and so many cool things to share with you but I thought today I will share with you a main focal point and decorative space that really helped us set the tone. 

Below I have linked many of the items you see pictured. Styling Tip: you will notice in these pictures (and throughout my house) I often style a room with old books with no covers one them. I took old books we had (or you can purchase them from a Goodwill or Thrift store) and ripped the covers off of the them and made them look distressed. Sometimes I also bind them with rope or yarn as well. SUPER cheap and easy to do.

Furniture: The sideboard is from Nadeau. I can't find it online anymore but here is something similar.

Art: I have linked some of the pictures you see on the wall. They are all mainly from Etsy.

Decor and Accessories: The Vintage Hat Molds and Collars were all from Restoration Hardware but are no longer available. The model speaker however still is and linked below! 

What are some fun decorating ideas you have for your basements? Feel free to ask any questions or comment below! I love to get all of your feedback! Until next time....

Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo