"I Got Broads In Atlanta"

Do you ever have those moments where an idea just hits you and you've got to get it out before you forget? I just had one of those lightbulb moments literally 10 minutes ago while I was driving so here I am, back at my computer. Just in case you didn't know, I love Hip Hop music so while I was having my usual jam 'sesh' on my way home, Desiigner's "Panda" came on which always get's me in a good mood...Even 2 years later. Anyway, as I was listening I realized "I Got Broads in Atlanta", a lot of them! I'm all for the Girl Power so here I am, showing love and support for some amazing women. Here is a quick list of some of MY favorite Broads In Atlanta and why I love them! You're welcome. 


Jessica Goldstein and the staff at JGold the Salon : These girls are not only beautiful, they are extremely professional and make sure every client leaves the salon feeling like a 10.

Marina Rumppe : She is one of the best celebrity makeup artists and is one of the most beautiful people I know both inside and out. Have I mentioned she is kind of IG famous too? (fan girl moment)

Adina Sinasohn : She is my aesthetician and works at Aesthetic Specialty Centre and helps me whenever my skin starts to look crazy with breakouts. Considering how Oily I am, it happens quite often.

Alex Fuhrman : She works at Dermani Med Spa and does ALL of my laser hair removal. I love going to see her because she helps this Hairy Beast look less like Chewbacca and keeps me bikini ready year round. Yes, I admit it...I'm THAT hairy.

Ingrid Trachtenberg : She owns Ingrid's Spa and does my eye lash extensions. I think she is one of the best out there because she keeps my eyelashes very healthy and strong even while I have extensions in for a long period of time. 

Paula Molinari : Whenever I need a spray tan, Paula is my girl! My spray tan always looks even and never orange. What is even better? She travels to her clients. It's amazing she is able to tan me in my own home.


Meredith Eble : Owner of Fabrik in East Cobb and at Avalon. I have known Meredith since she opened her first store in East Cobb and she has been my go to at Fabrik (which is half of my closet.) She has a good eye and is also a buyer for Fabrik Corporate. I think her and her staff are what make shopping at one of her locations so special. 

Angela Ragsdale : I have known Angela since middle school and I was so excited to learn she was opening her own boutique Ivory Thread last November. Free People, BedStu, PPLA, and Mystree are just some of the amazing brands she carries and I can't wait to see where this new journey takes her!

Margaret Smith : this Boss Lady owns Scout and Molly's at Avalon and she is doing big things! She not only has an eye for fashion but keen business skills and carries some amazing brands such as Fifteen Twenty, Spiritual Gangster, Shilla the Label, and ATX Mafia.

Barbara Selig : She is my husband's Professional Clothier from Tom James. Her customer service skills are impeccable and her eye for high fashion make the entire process of buying new clothes tolerable for my husband. That alone speaks volumes for anyone that knows Steve. 


Alicia Fowler : Owner of Pum Sweets and she makes the most BEAUTIFUL cookies, cakes and pretty much any amazing decadent dessert one can imagine. Her cookies are the ones pictured in this post. PS- they taste as good as they look! 


Angela Wingard : she is THE girl to see if you are in need of any web design, logo design and branding services, she is your gal! I have also known Angela since high school and in fact, she even designed my logo and this website!

Christy Parry : she has been my photographer for over 10 years and she shoots the majority of my pictures for this site. She is extremely talented and I love her artistic vision on photography. She is the BOMB DOT COM!

Who are some of your favorite Boss Ladies out there and what do they do? Share them with me!


Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo