Not Your Momma's One Piece

Summer will be here before you know it so now is the time we all start to freak out about bathing suit season. I don't know about you but this is always the time of year I start to get a little hard on myself about my body and how it will look in a bathing suit. I have said it before and I will say it again, as women we are the hardest on ourselves and how we look. It does not matter WHO you are or what your body type is...I can promise you we are ALL self conscious about how we look in a swimsuit. Especially if you have had children. Lord have mercy! I'm sure most of us could go on for hours how pregnancy has changed our bodies and left things looking a little different. Especially the ever famous mom/ "kangaroo pouch" we get. Ugh! It has always been a struggle for me during bathing suit season because ever since I had my first child, I have never quite liked the way my stomach looked. Shi** looks weird.  As a teenager I begged and begged my mom to get my belly button pierced. She always told me "Sarah, I wouldn't do that. It's going to look really crazy when you have kids one day". Well of course my mom didn't know what the hell she was talking about because she just didn't get it right? (LOL) So against her advice I got it done anyway and well belly button as she predicted just isn't cute and of course I got these super sexy stretch marks around my old piercing. (Yes Mom, I know...You were right.) 

Being a young parent I knew I wasn't ready yet to hang up my bikini's and go straight for the "Mom Bod" bathing suit because let's be real, Mom's can be hot too right? Why do I have to resort to moo-moos and tankini's if I don't want to? Well now....I have started to notice more and more just how hot a one piece can be and I'm beyond excited. I think a good one piece swim suit can hold everything in in your mid section and cover those areas where maybe some of us got stretch marks from pregnancy. That alone makes me feel so much more confident in a swim suit and let's all be honest...Confidence is THE SEXIEST thing a women can possess. Below I have linked some of my favorite designer suits AND some of my favorite budget friendly suits as well all under $50! I'm not always Boujie ya'll!

Gucci Swimsuit

I absolutely LOVE this Gucci one piece. It's great because it accents my curves and natural shape and shows just the right amount of skin. Even better I don't feel completely inappropriate wearing this with my kids or in front of their friends because it covers enough of my butt cheeks too. Even better, I can wear this with a pair of shorts and it's a cute summer outfit. I have linked both the swimsuit and sunnies as well as other items similar to them.  I am wearing a large in this suit. When you have a big butt and big need the extra coverage. Plus...It's always better to play it safe when wearing white.

Agent Provocateur

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this swimsuit! I have it in both Black and Hot Pink. What I love so much about it is it's got just the right amount of sexy so you really don't feel like you're wearing a one piece bathing suit at all. Also, because the fabric on the sides is so thin, it lies perfectly against your shape and your body without your fat coming out like a can of biscuits. Yup, I just said that. It also cuts high on your butt so you are able to show more cheek. This is one that I usually wear when I am on vacation with my husband or if I am just with adults. Both pictured are the same size ( Size 4 / Large). You can see it fits both of our bodies even though we have very different body types. TIP: Whenever buying designer brands, you probably want to always go up a size since European sizes usually run a little smaller. Here are some of my favorite bathing suits from Agent Provocateur. They make really sexy suits. Great for a trip away with your boy toy!

One Piece Swimsuits Under $50

Like I said before...I'm not always boujie. As much as Iove high end designer stuff, I'm a really down to earth chick and I LOVE a good deal! Who doesn't love saving money? I think my husband would agree also. Here are some super cute one piece suits and fun sunnies I have found and they're all under $50. Um...Yes Please!

You are beautiful and no matter how you feel about bathing suit season coming up, you deserve to feel sexy. As women our bodies are changing constantly and we deal with body changes men could never possibly understand! As I am getting older I am trying to embrace that more. So, go get yourself a fun drink with an umbrella, slip into your new swimsuit and Go On Wit Yo Bad Self Girl!

Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo