My Favorite Room In The House!

     Happy Monday! It is our first day back from Spring Break and let me tell you, I am one excited Momma! We opted to stay home this year and get a lot of projects done around the house. It was great for Steve and I to spend a lot of quality time with our kids but let me tell you...I was happy to see them off this morning. HaHa. I'm also excited for the next phase of my Blog and planning out all of the cool things I am going to share with you guys. Starting out as a new Blogger has been an interesting journey these last few months. It's really forced me to dig deep and further analyze myself and my life. Sometimes that can be an extremely overwhelming and frightening thing. It's made me look at myself in the mirror and say "Sarah, who the f*** are you? What are you doing?" So for any of you wondering...this is partially why I did not blog as much as I originally intended last month. Some of you may care and some of you may not give a damn at all and that's totally fine too. Either thing I have known since day one was I always wanted to remain true to myself and make sure I am being honest with you and what I share so I needed some time to reflect and remind myself of why I got into this whole "blogging" shindig to begin with. I am beginning to ramble and I don't want to lose you so let's get to the nitty gritty of my post. 

     As a wife and a mother I sometimes end my day feeling hopeless and like a complete failure. After I have taken the kids to school I try to squeeze in as many things as possible. When the day is over I often find myself looking around like "wtf did I even do all day?" You're so exhausted and you feel like you have nothing to show for it. Do any of you ever feel like that? I do all the time and I constantly am beating myself up for it. It's that feeling of always being a day late and a dollar short am I right? Therefore...when we moved into our house I told my husband "I don't care HOW much you think this room is stupid and a waste of money, I am going to have ONE room in this house that is nothing but my "You're doing great! You've got it together!" room and that is my formal living room. My mom calls this "the looking at room". Yes, it serves absolutely no purpose to anyone in my family other than me and I'm perfectly fine with that. It is there solely for me to walk by everyday and feel like I'm not such a hot mess. It is the room in the house where there will never be a stain on the couch or a wrapper I have to pick up. The one room that no one has any interest in...and I love it. When things get to be too much, I find myself migrating to that room at night and just sitting there in my nice tufted sofa enjoying a glass of wine alone in silence. Steve thinks it's kind of weird when he finds me in there just sitting but I don't care. It's a lady's room and it serves as just that. My old house didn't have a room like this so I would hide in my closet sometimes. No...I'm not joking, I would literally hide in my closet to find my Zen. I can see where that was probably kind of weird but hey...I'm just being honest. So, if I could give you one piece of advice (whether you really want it or not), find a room, a closet, your car, just anywhere where it can be your space to find your WHOO-SAH. A place that allows you to remind yourself that "you're kicking ass", "your husband still loves you" and "your kids are not going to grow up to be felons". Chances are...if you were lazy and weren't actually kicking probably wouldn't be so hard on yourself thinking you don't do enough in the first place. Just sayin'...

     I have linked many of the items from my "Looking At" room below. STYLE TIP: a lot of the decorative things are from two local stores called Woodstock Market and Queen of Hearts. If you are local to metro Atlanta I highly recommend checking both places out. They are kind of like an Antique store but they also sell a lot of new things and refurbished pieces that are truly one of a kind and the prices are always very affordable. They are both HUGE stores with a ton of vendors/booths so you should check them out. If you are not local, I suggest going to your nearest antique markets. A lot of times you will find some really cool random things you wouldn't have necessarily thought to decorate with. The books I decorated with were either old books we already owned or were from a Thrift store. I just ripped the covers off of them and made them look worn and tied rope around a stack of them. I also folded pages back to give them the fan look.

As always if you have any questions at all about shopping this room, please do not ever hesitate to ask! If you have no plans of shopping this room and all you got from this post was some encouragement, than I'm happy! Until next time...

Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo