Gucci Wedges & Designer Dupes

Yes , I can be Boujee, I know this. I have a love for high end pieces. Especially when it comes to shoes and handbags. However, I also LOVE to shop at Target, H&M, Zara, you name it. I'm ALLLLLL for a good deal. Who wouldn't be? One of the biggest secrets to understanding fashion is it's not always "who" or "what" you are wearing but how you pull the look all together. Even though you may LOVE that pair of expensive designer shoes, sometimes they're just not worth it for you to take the financial plunge and can find something very similar. As I have told you before, sometimes more affordable brands will create a look-alike piece inspired by a really high end designer, you just have to look for it! Today I am sharing with you how to put this look together "designer" style and "designer dupe" style. Both will no doubt look fabulous and it goes to show being fashionable really can be on any budget! 


Designer "Dupe"

Below you can shop the exact same look as above for a fraction of the price.

I hope you had an incredible Hump Day and as always, I'm always here if you have any questions at all!

Ciao Ya'll!

Sarah xoxo