Valentines Day Decor

Good Morning Guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday so far. We are a little over a week out from Valentines day so I wanted to share with you all a little Home Decor Inspo. My kids always love helping me decorate for different holidays. Valentines day is a fun one for us but not one we go overboard with. Just enough to make the house feel festive and a great excuse to have sweets everywhere. (Damn you sweet tooth, my thighs don't appreciate it). It has been super easy and fun PLUS it serves as a little reminder to my husband... "Hey Honey, Valentines Day is really soon!" (cough cough, don't forget my gift, cough...And our date). ;) Below I have linked some super cute little decorations that I currently have up in my house. Even better, they're all from Target ya'll! (aka Mom Heaven). 


Sarah xoxo