Dress To Impress...Yourself!

Working from home has its perks...MANY perks actually. I mean... if you really wanted, you could go the entire day without brushing your teeth or even changing your underwear. I mean, I have had SO many days where I get wrapped up in getting so much work done that before I know it, it's almost time to pick the kids up from school and I have yet to even change out of my Pj's! Slightly embarrassing I know, but let's get real...It happens. When I used to own my cheer gym a few years ago, I found myself doing this all the time. One day I realized that I needed to make an effort into dressing like a normal member of society, not for anyone else but solely for ME! Why? It made me feel better! By sacrificing that half hour of my day (okay, for me maybe an hour) to slightly put myself together, I felt more accomplished and I was no longer beating myself up for falling into the "mom slump". For my non mom readers out there, it's TOTALLY a real thing and is a slippery slope ladies. No Joke! 

I know what you're probably thinking. Who the hell wants to wear real clothes in their house? It's like an animal being out of its natural habitat!  I have learned there is such a thing as being comfy and fashionable with your ass parked on your couch, doing laundry, or cleaning the kitchen. A good pair of jeans with enough stretch in them to move freely and a comfortable cute top will do the trick and will give you a little boost in self esteem. Now look, I'm not saying do this every day, (I love my sweatpants too much) but even just a couple of days a week you will find adds a little pep to your step. Today, I knew I had a HUGE to do list. I am new to this blogging gig so I knew I needed to stay focused and get organized. Plus, I can't always look a hot mess or you guys might find out I'm dare I say...Normal? NO NEVER! I have linked all of my outfit details below. Both the Sweater and Jeans are under $35!  I have also linked my loafers. I was so excited when these came out as it has made wearing slippers fashionable. Hell yeah! I also linked a great shoe that looks just like the Gucci loafer but for a fraction of the price! Yassss Steve Madden!

PS- I swear I'm not pissed in these pictures guys. I'm just really serious about my cupcakes and coffee. 


Sarah xoxo