Easter Tablescape & My Secret To Table Styling On A Dime


Hey Guys,

I hope you’re having a great day! Even though it’s currently chilly and rainy here in Atlanta, Spring is right around the corner so that means slowly but surely transitioning our homes into brighter and more cheerful living spaces. If you haven’t figured out yet, I LOVE styling my house based on the season or holiday that is near. Sometimes life gets in the way and it doesn’t always happen but I try my best to do it. My family thinks I’m kind of annoying about it all but I know they secretly love it and I don’t really give a damn anyway. Every year I always try to switch things up a little and never exactly replicate what I do the year before not because I’m stubborn like that but I also believe in getting the most out of all of the crap I have bought in the past and use said items to recreate a different look or style because it’s fun and it allows me to be creative.

I love to be boujee and love nice things (who doesn’t?) but I also don’t like just throwing money away on one thing if I can get something that will give the exact same look for less so this is where developing a good eye (in both fashion and interiors) can really help your wallet and keep your husband/significant other from bitching about it. So let’s get this THANG started.

Ok, first step, let’s start with the obvious. You are going to need a set of plates (usually consists of a Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, and Bowl of some sort) and a set of glasses. You can select the type of glasses you want based on your needs and what not. I usually like to always have on hand high boys and low boys and some various wine glasses. These need to be dishes and glassware you have absolutely no plan of actually using accept for staging purposes. Here’s why…since they are just for staging, no one is actually going to be using them to feel their weight or get close enough to them to appreciate their quality or lack thereof which brings me to my next point.

Sarah’s Styling Tip:

  • Don’t make your investment in the dishware and glassware because it is simply there for looks and to be the bone structure of the tablescape and after a couple of weeks, they will start collecting dust on them from sitting out so you wouldn’t want to serve with those anyway.

  • Always stick with white and simple. Regarding your glassware, I suggest the same. Classic with clean lines to get the most out of it. Plus, you can use it year round.

The dishes you will see in the photos below I got from Walmart a couple of years ago. A setting of 4 was under $20 and since my dining room table seats 8 I was able to get 2 boxes for under $40. People are shocked when I tell them. Hahaha! Here are some links for glassware pictured below and dishware you can get in the same price point.

Ok next, lets discuss how I like to style the actual place settings. There are a ton of different ways you can do it. If you look at some of my older blog posts where I have styled a place setting for Halloween or Christmas etc. you will see I don’t necessarily always stack each dish one on top of the other. Sometimes I like to add different elements in between them just to make it more interesting. Remember, since you are more than likely not going to serve with this dishware, in my opinion the more fun and creative you can get with assembling everything the better.

In this particular case it being Easter, I like that the charger had a wicker texture and I also wanted to add cabbage leaf as well on top of it to really give you a garden vibe. Now, although I DID stack each dish on top of one another this time, I thought it was okay since there were 2 layers for the charger. Lastly, I wanted the bowls to be filled with tiny little Easter Eggs and the place setting have a nest with them as well. (I know I know, there are no labels saying who sits where in the photos but you get my drift.) I also decided to use bright pink flowers for my napkin rings as they also make a bold statement and counter well with the Spring and garden vibe.

Sarah’s Style Tip:

  • I know I told you where you can save your money now here is where I personally would rather pay for higher quality products. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS!

  • Make the investment for nice linen napkins. They are worth spending a little extra for and elevate the look.

  • Don’t skimp on the “fillers” or the finishing touches. Those are what will really bring the look together.

  • Some of my favorite places go to places for table settings are Target, Pier 1 Imports (who is currently having a 25% off of your purchase SALE btw), Pottery Barn, and Williams and Sonoma (they are having a 70% off sale today only!)

Last but certainly not least, bringing it all together. This can really go in SO MANY directions. You can do something super simple or you can go WAY over the top with this. Your choice. Since I really like to put a lot of time into each individual place setting, I don’t have to get all crazy on the center piece. A.) because I just styled the shit out of some plates and glasses (you seriously need to look at my Halloween post to see how fun and creative you can get and B.) you start to run out of room and then it can look too jumbled. So for this Easter, I kept it super simple and added a pretty cake stand. Now OBVIOUSLY I don’t always have a damn cake out like the photos you guys but I styled it this way so you can see how simple it can be to take it to that next level. Plus, having a nice fat cake stand is another one of those things you should always have because you would be shocked at what all you can do with a cake stand gurrrrlllll.

Now that your table is set…get a few little items to go on your side board, a couple of throw pillows and your dining room is full blown ready for the season!

Ok, now I’m sure after reading all of this some of you are thinking “that all just seems like kind of a lot of work just for a damn dining room table” but do you want to know the main reason I do it? As moms sometimes we feel like no matter how much I clean or do around the house it’s always a hot mess so having this one beautiful curated and clean room in the house makes me feel happy every time I walk passed it. For me, that’s totally worth it! As always, let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything and feel free to show me how your tablescape is Going Gosnell!!!! :) Until next time,


Sarah xoxo